Application – Proextender

Proextender, developed for the non-surgical enlargement and straightening of the penis

Although the process has been known for hundreds of years, the simple, non-surgical method of the Proextender vacuum protector is the first to be able to increase penis size. It does the by stretching the tissue painlessly and allowing new cavernous cells to form. The process of using this painless technique is the only non-surgical process the helps insure permanent growth.

You can think of the results in terms of a simple mathematical equation

3 months using Proextender vacuum protector method = permanent gains in both girth and length

Orthopedic extension procedure

Orthopedic uses like this are nothing new. In fact, they have been done safely for over 20 years for leg extension. After the leg gets transected, the same basic extension technique that Proextender uses is employed. Millimeter by millimeter the leg is painlessly stretched. The constant stretching stimulates new growth. Not just the growth of bone but also connective tissue and muscle with no damage to the circulation. The technique that Proextender uses has over 20 years of proven clinical results in improving quality of life

Result of gain in girth and length are permanent

The secret to the long term results of Proextender lay in how it works. Instead of such things as artificially and temporally inflating cell size, Proextender creates permanent new cells. This is also why it can treat curvature of the penis if it exist.

To achieve these three dimensional results is easy. The sells will form after wearing the device for a few months. The growth that occurs in girth and length will remain permanently even after the use of the device is discontinued.

Proextender has a number of indicators

  • Incurvate penis
  • Post-treatment of prostrate surgery
  • Retractio penis
  • Small penis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Subjective penile deficiency
  • Spiral-shaped callous on the penis

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