Insulin For Weight Loss

It is important to note that insulin is considered as a master hormone. It plays a vital role in weight loss. Many people are not aware about this. But this is the truth. You just have to master insulin control and you will know as to how to manage and control your weight. So, here’s the key to weight loss and that is, understanding about insulin control.

Firstly, you must understand as to what is the function of insulin. Well it helps in lowering blood sugar. It also stores the energy in the liver in the form of glycogen. It is responsible for movement of sugar from the blood to the cells. Thus you can say that it works just like a signaling molecule. Insulin gives green light and red light. This will promote or inhibit the movement of glucose from the blood to the cells. Thus it’s a signaling agent. Even the vital proteins that are present in the body can’t work unless and until such signals are given through insulin. When there is too much of insulin secretion people tend to suffer from insulin resistance. Insulin is good for health as it regulates blood sugar. But excess is bad. Excess of insulin is responsible for damaging cells. It also tends to weight gain and fat increase.

It is true that such signal thing is not a perfect analogy but again this gives a better explanation to the laymen in connection to insulin control. Becoming insulin resistant will give many problems to a person in the long run. It damages the cells and the body does not understand the exact quantity of insulin that is vital for blood sugar regulation and as a result of this more quantity of insulin will be secreted in the body. And this is a cycle which makes the condition worse. Do you know that there are several vital and unique proteins? And when there is more insulin in the body then in such a case the body can not effectively make use of such unique proteins.

Insulin resistance also makes you fat. And also, you may tend to increase you appetite. You may tend to eat foods that are like fast food and will raise your blood sugar levels. Thus, this cycle continues. It is vital to understand that insulin resistance makes your belly very fat and thus you tend to have a round and apple shaped stomach which may be bad for your health and heart. When there is insulin resistance, the fat cells will store more fat.

Thus, you must eat foods that are low in calories and low in carbohydrates. You must eat protein and fiber rich foods. This will make your immunity stronger and then you can get prevention from many diseases. Being insulin resistant can make you weak and can attract many health ailments. Also, insulin resistance can make you fatter and can lead to obesity. You must thus make sure that you manage your insulin levels so that you can maintain your weight.

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